Sennheiser SoundClub

Sennheiser wanted to introduce a new subscription model program called SoundClub that allowed users to get and trade in headphones for a small fee. Our mission was to develop the SoundClub brand and create a web experience that introduced users to this new service.


What is soundclub?

That was the main question I sought to answer on each and every page. The client wanted the user to be able to clearly tell what Soundclub was and how much it cost to join in order to encourage them to dive straight into the checkout flow. They also wanted to appeal to a younger demographic that was more familiar with subscription based models. The Sennheiser brand as is, is a little bit more mature.



I designed the experience from the ground up, keeping a millennial audience in mind while also tying back to the German engineering of the headphones. An adaptive, modular structure with roots in Bauhaus ethos served as the backbone for the website. My main goal was to be able to drive users right into the checkout flow so throughout each page is the price of membership and a glimpse of all of the available products.



Our main goal was to keep the funnel relatively short in order to get customers right to their headphone selection. Easy and streamlined.

View the entire flow here


The final UI kept the same colors and font as the parent brand but focused on using more colorful, bright imagery that dominated the page in order to breathe some youth into the SoundClub brand. Small details like exposed grids reference the quality and engineering that goes into each pair of Sennheisers.